The Blarney Contest

So what in the world is the Blarney Stone, and what is a Blarney Contest that is to be enjoyed by all comers June 21st at the Whistler's Faire?

"Oh! He's just giving me a lot of blarney!" exploded the good Queen Bess, after reading yet another letter from Lord Cormac McCarthy of Blarney profoundly complimenting her majesty while still not complying with her command to agree to act as lord of his lands while "happily" swearing fealty and obedience and ownership to the English queen. While she was quite exasperated with the eloquent lord, thanks (it is said) to the power of the Blarney Stone he'd kissed, he was spared from her final wrath and judgment because the Virgin Queen was simply so enchanted by his glib tongue.

Thus was Lord Cormac saved. While the origins of the blarney stone previous to that vary wildly from the sacred to the fairytale, there is no doubt that among a country where tales grow 'as naturally as the tall, grassy meadows' the origins of such a stone are guaranteed to now we're going to see if Cliodna's gift is still as strong by listening to find all those with the gift of gab to charm the audience into voting for them to win this year's grand prize!

To enter the competition, all you need to do is stop in at the King's Table to get your treasure sacks. Inside will be a rolled scroll game where you list random nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc to help tell a story...and then they are applied to the story on the scroll. The test for your blarney-gift? You then enter by putting your name on a cup for folks to drop their pebble in after they hear you creatively read/perform your version of the story. This is a contest strictly done by popular vote, so you'll want to be sure everyone stops to hear you recite your own masterpiece for all to fall in love with! (Be sure to encourage them all to go and vote for you by dropping one of their precious Elf Stones into your cup!) The final tally will be at 7:30, with the winners announced around 8pm.

If you aren't competing but are enjoying the tale-telling and are want to help your favorite win the grand prize, follow the instructions given at the King's Table where you go to pick up your Treasure Bag that includes coupons, free samples, and even more important your voting marbles and pebbles. Then simply come and gather and enjoy!

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