Storytellers, Whistlers, Talespinners, and Magic

"Come One, Come All!"

Once upon a time, in a land not so far distant, storytellers entertained all the young at heart while wandering minstrels strolled amongst crowds being entertained by jugglers and on the other side of the square you could frequently also find a group of mummers or even our favorite whistlers and troubadours performing to the delight of all ages as the throng moved around enjoying the finely crafted treasures being offered at the vendor's stalls. Modern times have changed some of the textures, smells, and colors a little...but you'll be amazed at just how much we still have in common with all of them. With each of the community festivals that we all flock to in crowds large and small you'll find entertainers, actors, and musicians mingling with the crowds around vendor's booths where you find treats, souvenirs, and treasures and the smells of hot food and treats waft through the air. Yet somehow, even with all of the similarities, we still don't often get to enjoy the delights of both modern and ancient traditions and celebrations. Guess what? We're changing that...with our own Whistler's Faire August 3rd from 3-8pm in the Wellsville town square! What makes this event especially different and wonderful? Not only are we doing all of this to celebrate the heritage and culture both past and present, but we're also doing it in support of the Wednesdays in Wellsville farm and craft market, and to help raise the funds needed to be able to replace the roof on the Wellsville Tabernacle and open it back up to the public!

Whether you are a juggler, magician, balloon artist, face painter, musician, actor, or storyteller we're officially inviting you to come on out and join in the fun!  This year especially, we aren't even charging you to come and set your hat out for those incredible tips and service collections...and we'd even love to schedule you for the spotlight while you grow your audience and reputation!

To get things scheduled officially or to get your space saved for you just for this event, please click HERE so you can fill out the questionnaire, email it to or drop it by The Handmade Heritage's booth during a live event, and then prep your hat to be set out in place while the crowds toss their tips in after enjoying your own gifts!

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