Merchants and Vendors

"Imagine with me..."

The clatter of feet over cobblestones, the splashing sounds from the village well, colors vividly displayed as voices call, and all....every last bit....brought to the village with the sounds of wagon wheels as they first begin to enter the small square.

Once upon a time, medieval merchants were a group of people who were valuable because they carried with them spices, fabrics, metals, and the finest crafts that were otherwise inaccessible to the populace of the regions which they traveled and sold to. Along with them, they would carry news of what was happening even as they would encourage others to experience exotic foods or fabrics woven in far off lands.  Today, we get to enjoy a very similar experience with the wide variety presented to our senses by vendors presenting treasures perfect for everything from uniquely practical to treasured gifts and souvenirs that will carry with them the memories of that moment in time that will once again return us to the sights, smells, and feel of a summer festival filled with free entertainment, amazing food, and excited crowds swirling in a beautiful setting.

If you are a potential vendor looking to apply, simply fill out the form here and send it in, and we'll be in touch soon to confirm everything with you. If you are interested in finding who will be there, be sure to check out the Wednesdays in Wellsville facebook event page to help everyone find previews of the treasures you are sure to find at the Whistler's Faire.

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