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"Imagine with me..."

The clatter of feet over cobblestones, the splashing sounds from the village well, colors vividly displayed as voices call, and all....every last bit....brought to the village with the sounds of wagon wheels as they first begin to enter the small square.

Once upon a time, medieval merchants were a group of people who were valuable because they carried with them spices, fabrics, metals, and the finest crafts that were otherwise inaccessible to the populace of the regions which they traveled and sold to. Along with them, they would carry news of what was happening even as they would encourage others to experience exotic foods or fabrics woven in far off lands.  Today, we get to enjoy a very similar experience with the wide variety presented to our senses by vendors presenting treasures perfect for everything from uniquely practical to treasured gifts and souvenirs that will carry with them the memories of that moment in time that will once again return us to the sights, smells, and feel of a summer festival filled with free entertainment, amazing food, and excited crowds swirling in a beautiful setting.

If you are a potential vendor looking to apply, simply read through the information and fill out the form below and send it in, and we'll be in touch soon to confirm everything with you. If you are interested in finding who will be there, be sure to check out the Wednesdays in Wellsville facebook event page to help everyone find previews of the treasures you are sure to find at the Whistler's Faire.

To fill out the form, just run a copy/paste into your email account and fill in the blanks, then email it in to If you already filled out the previous form on this page, please fill out this form and email it as though you hadn't...unfortunately, we just recently learned that the form wasn't working properly so the information has been lost. With only 3 weeks remaining, this is our way of recovering from that until after this year's Faire.

Hello, and thank you for your interest in coming to the Whistler’s Faire June 21, 2017! We are really looking forward to having you join us for all of the fun, culture, and history as we work to reopen our beautiful Wellsville Tabernacle! With an activity this large, the best thing we can all do to boost each other’s efforts is to make sure we involve each with the activities that happen, so please read through to the end so you’ll know how to best tailor our offerings to fit your business. 
At the Whistler’s Faire, we have a great many activities (most all of which are free for participants to enjoy/participate in) which we are expecting to draw a crowd. Our biggest is our Stone Soup Cook-off scholarship competition, which is for college and high school students to compete as a team for a cash scholarship. That is the only cost for anyone outside of vendor’s booths to participate in, and is only $5 per person or if pre-purchased $25 for up to 8 people on a family voucher, which gets them a bowl of soup and sides from each competing team so they can vote for their favorite. For those who love to pull on those costumes, we are having a costume contest (for the first 100 to join in), as well as the Magician’s Purse magic contest. We are also having a Blarney Spinning storyteller’s contest, for all those who can tell a great tall tale. Last but not least, especially for each of you vendors, is our Scavenger Hunt (details on how to join in as vendors are later in this letter) which is where we will be handing out Treasure Pouches to all those who come to our fun event and will include 4 Elf Stones (to be used for voting for the winners of the competitions) and a Treasure Ring that will have scavenger clues included with business cards/coupons from all of our sponsors. The scavenger clues are something that the participants will be expected to use as they go to the vendor’s booths and when they find their “item” (their favorite item found at that vendor’s booth), getting the vendor’s signature on their clue card before moving on. Once they have collected all of their required signatures, they will receive a prize.
 With all of those fun activities happening, we expect quite a crowd. While this medieval festival is a one-time, annual event it is also a part of the Wednesdays in Wellsville farmer’s market which happens every Wednesday evening from 4-8pm at the Wellsville Tabernacle square. That, as well as it being free to attend and join in the family fun for so many, makes it a little different creature to vend for so the rules are perhaps a little different: *With the crowds we are expecting, we are specifically creating a traffic flow with all of the vendor’s stalls that will mix and mingle with most of the activities at the Faire. If you have a particular need, please be sure to email us so we can accommodate (things like electricity, shade, sun, etc).
*Vendor booths for the 2017 Whistler’s Faire are only $25, plus whatever given addition you choose. You will be invoiced for the fee and chosen additionals after applications are submitted, at which time you’ll be able to request a booth space from the map. Booth spaces are not guaranteed until fees are paid, so timely payment is strongly to your benefit.
*It is not a requirement that vendors be dressed in costume, but we do encourage everyone as it helps to create the festival mood as well as helps your booth stand out.
*Because it is a part of the weekly farmer’s market, there are some who tend to show up a little early so you’ll want to be prepared. It is best if you come and set up early, and we ask that everyone be set up and ready to go by no later than 3:30pm.
*Tear down will not begin until after the competition winners have been announced. This is a very important difference, as it not only changes the ways that our participants will view the event and the vendors there, it is also a major safety factor. The winning announcements are supposed to happen at about 8pm, and we will announce a farewell to all at the close. That is when it is good to tear down.
Now that we have the rules out of the way, we’d like to be able to help boost all of the fun and traffic for each of you as well as building your business’s reach. To do that, we have a couple of different options that will depend on what you are comfortable doing (above the cost of your booth fee) which will also grant you an official Faire title-
 *Squire- for those who are going to donate a minimum of 10% or more of your day’s sales to the tabernacle fund, we have a poster that will be given to you to hang in your booth space (however you feel displays things best). That will tell all those attending, so they will feel even more encouraged to spend with you. (This is something you can choose to do along with the other options, or on its own.)
*Knight/Dame- for those who are going to donate a minimum of %25 of the day’s sales, we will give a poster announcing such to go in your booth as well as your being able to include your business card/flyer/coupon in the scavenger hunt treasure pouches.
*Lord/Lady- for those who are ready to donate a minimum of $25 of product to be included in the prize packages, you will be included as a vendor sponsor for the scavenger hunt and also 1 social media introduction/highlight before the event.
*Baron/Baroness- for those who donate a minimum of $50 of product (or cash) towards the prize packages you will be included as a vendor sponsor for the scavenger hunt, have 1 social media introduction as well as an additional social media shout-out, and have your business logo included with our sponsor posters.
*For those interested in donating further, please contact us...we have a whole list of fun ways that you can choose from to be able to donate (and see your business reach expand)!
 Please fill out the following information and email it to as soon as possible as to which of those options will best fit your business’s goals, and so we can really work together to build your reach as we welcome each and all of you to the Whistler’s Faire. We’ll send an invoice to you along with the map so you can choose amongst your favorite spaces as soon as we receive your email.

Business Name ______________________________                                                                                
Contact ____________________________________
Email ______________________________________  Phone # __________________________
Address_______________________________________   Website ________________________
Social Media Profile Names ________________________________________________________
Description of Items/Services for Sale or Display _____________________________________________

Do you need electricity? (Additional $5 charge) __________
How many meal vouchers would you like? Vendor special of only $4 each, or a family voucher for up to 8 people for $25. _____
Which of the rankings would you like to choose? ________________________________
Any special requirements/requests? _______________________________________________________

If you are willing to help spread the word about our fun event and all of the terrific, family friendly, free or low cost activities please let us know. We have poster and flyer graphics that you can share with all of your people, there is a facebook page and website that has all kinds of information you can share. You can find the website at or the facebook page at

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