Monday, July 11, 2016


"Once upon a time...."

Welcome to The Whistler's Faire, a special community festival event hosted by the Wednesdays in Wellsville farm and craft market! You are gonna want to write this one down on the calendar for June 21st from 4-8pm
For details about all the fun opportunities for young and old alike, be sure to click through on any of the tabs above or go to the facebook page at to enjoy previews for the Magician's Purse adventures (a spellbinding magician's contest that promises to be absolutely mesmerizing), the Stone Soup Cook-Off competition (enjoy as your tongue savors the results when students and schools compete for scholarships and show off their skills), or simply come in costume yourselves to Strut Your Stuff and compete as your friends join in the Blarney Contest to see who can weave the best tale! All that while being able to prove your skill with medieval knights as your eyes feast upon the rich variety made available to you by the incredible vendors.  Best of all: participating in this magical, family friendly event is open to all....the only costs are for those purchasing meal tickets to see if they will have the magic stone in their bowls (and replace the roof of the gorgeously historic tabernacle building), or to purchase any souvenirs (or necessaries!) from the awesome vendors who come. With such a rich wealth of opportunity for so little cost, who would ever want to miss out?  See you there!

To pre-purchase your meal voucher tickets and reserve your sample or feasting seats now:

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