Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The time has come, and everyone is hereby invited to the Whistler's Faire on June 20th, 2018 4-8pm in Wellsville, Utah!

You know how much you and your friends and family enjoy the adventures, imagination, magic, and wonder of fairytales, history, and the cultures you love to share and pass along? Well come on down we have all that and more....and all this family fun is free to attend!

Have you ever wanted to:
*get rewarded for a Scavenger Hunt?
*choose the scholarship winners for a Stone Soup Cook Off or
*find the most beautiful or most tasty foods to be awarded in a Baker's Delight contest?
*prove yourself the strongest fighter in the kingdom through a Rogue's Challenge or fighter's arena, plus get to take home the loot?
*win awards for best costume in a Costume Contest?
*rewarded the vendor presenting their treasures the way you like best?
*choose the best of the best who follow in Merlin's footsteps to win the Magician's Purse?
*been part of a Brute Squad or been jailed by them (and been entered into a prize drawing just for going to 'jail')?
*joined an enchanted crowd as storytellers weave modern and ancient tales taking you to lands of imagination?
*Wanted to enjoy all of that, with your family, friends, and neighbors, at either no cost or minimal cost to you while simultaneously supporting a treasured community historic gathering site?

Be sure to get your meal voucher tickets ahead of time (only $5 each, or a family pass for up to 8 for $30, or only $3 for small sample cups from each team) by Clicking Here, bring donation cash to combine with those at your table to bid for the tastiest beautiful dessert as well as all the other fun options (Brute Squad jail $1 per minute to jail or bail, Vendor's Booths full of treasures to choose from, etc) and even loose change for the wishing well donations!

We're excited to see everyone June 20th at the Whistler's Faire at the Wellsville Tabernacle 4-8pm!!!
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