Monday, July 11, 2016


Thanks to everyone who participated in our first event, we were able to raise a surprising amount of money to go towards the tabernacle fund! Be sure to check back in while we prepare for next year's event, there is a lot planned to make things bigger, better, and even more fun! If you would like to volunteer at all, please feel free to contact us is only through the volunteers and those willing to help that we are able to really make this a success for everyone!

"Once upon a time...."

Welcome to The Whistler's Faire, a special community festival event hosted by the Wednesdays in Wellsville farm and craft market and sponsored/organized by The Handmade Heritage! Be ready for a delightful time for all ages filled with a medieval fighter's tournament; entertainers such as storytellers and magicians; fresh produce and fun products; and even a great opportunity to feast at the magical Stone Soup Cook off while helping to raise the money to replace the tabernacle roof (and reopen it's doors).  You are gonna want to write this one down on the calendar for August 3 from 3-8pm