Costume Contest

There is something simply incredible about the lengths that human imagination can go to...and even more so when their fingers manage to bring that imagination to life! So we thought we would celebrate all of that fun imagination with everyone of all ages as we pull all the costumes out of the closet and let creativity breathe life into all of those amazing flights of fancy....and with no additional fee involved either for competing or for voting!

Whether it is a simple hat, a mysterious cloak, an intriguing mask, or all that plus more....put it on and come on down to join in the fun. To enter in this contest, you simply need to be sure to pick up your own contestant's number from the Herald's Table to be pinned on your back for the duration of the event. Only the first 100 people coming will be able to enter, so be sure to come quickly! As you go around the Faire itself, playing with all of the fun forms of entertaining, you are welcome and even encouraged to play your part with those in attendance to gather and gain votes. *We do ask that those entering with costumes remember that this is a family-friendly event, and while children are often put off and even frightened by those in costume if you keep your costumes away from the monstrous and focused instead on the fun, fantastical, and hero you will walk away with their hearts (and vote).*

Voting is done simply. When you check in and get your number, that same number will be written onto a cup. As people arrive and gather their free treasure bags, they will be given elf stones as well to vote with. When they find their favorite costume, they will drop their pebble into the cup with the appropriate number on it. Winners will be announced at about 8pm, just in time for you to collect your prizes before finding your way home to plan out next year's creative invention.

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