Magician's Purse

Come and enjoy as magic and enchantment enthrall with the Magician's Purse competition....and vote for your favorite or even better enter to prove your own gifts in front of a full audience of families and friends! It is all happening at the Whistler's Faire Wednesday June 21st 4pm-8pm at the Wellsville Town Square at the foot of the historic Wellsville Tabernacle, free of charge to the public to attend.

In ages past, as the community would gather for the fairs and vendors' wagons would roll in the entertainers would also begin to appear in the crowds carrying an air of mystery and enchantment to young and old alike.

The wagons have become trucks and cars, but the magic and has transformed for our modern age to be enjoyed by all for our fun community event! With a bit more of a fun addition to reward the best: a cash prize is being offered up for the magicians who come forward to thrill the crowd and all of them are welcome to join the crowds for some more personal busking and entertaining. The winners will be selected from a combination of a judges panel as well as popular vote.

With the allure of so much magic in a family-friendly community event, you just know you're going to be finding treasures galore!

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